Anchor Club

Anchor Club is more than just another service club. We’re a group of people with the common drive to do good. In the midst of all the bake sales, school supply drives, puppet shows, and environmental projects, we forge friendships that last a lifetime. The Anchor Club has a tradition of excellence that stretches on for years. We pass down all the awards and achievements that instill values of patriotism, leadership, and service to generations of young women to sweethearts. Our accomplishments have been recognized by our selection for the second time in our history, as International Anchor Club of the Year. With a sponsor that has poured heart and soul into this club for more than twenty years, it is with great tradition and spirit we proudly call ourselves “Doyle’s Cherubs” This is more than just a service club; this is a lifestyle and an ultimate passion for service. We are Miami Springs Anchor Club.

Aqui Entre Nos

The ESOL Literary Club gives students the opportunity to express themselves in English and Spanish. Publishing a bilingual newsletter promoting creative writing, multimedia skills and helping parents to connect with the school and the community. This club also promotes performing arts in the field of dancing, singing, and art design.


Cheerleading is known for screaming girls, short skirts, and a lot of hairspray. The MSSH Cheerleaders are more than that, they are a team committed to a sport that requires endurance, spirit, and determination. They cheer not only with their voices, but also with their hearts. They are athletes that cheer in rain or shine with injuries and all. They are people in the school that wear our Hawk Pride on their sleeves and are proud of it. They are the one and only MSSH Cheerleading team.

Class of 2013
Color Guard
Dance Fusion

Dance Fusion is definitely not just a dance time; it’s a group of girls that are motivated, committed, and prepared to do what they love. It all started with the group of six girls that were in love with dance and came together to perform for the activities and events that took place within the community. Not long after, the word got out about this group and “DF” has been evolving ever since. Dance Fusion has grown from community performers to a real team that performs and wins. They also perform in school events such as Pep Rallies, freshman orientations, and faculty basketball games. A creative group of girls with completely different backgrounds, they all come together to pour heart and soul onto the dance floor. What this group has created and become is not just a team but what we like to call: a family.

Design Hawks

Design Hawks is a new organization of Miami Springs Senior High School, sponsored by Rene Barge. The main purpose and goal of Design Hawks is jazz up the schools plain hallways, as well as to help members have a better and deeper understanding of the potential behind digital media and what it has to offer as means of communication. The objective of Design Hawks is achieved by realization of assorted projects. Such might include but not limited to, design and printing of posters for other organizations, teachers, or the schools website page.


Eco-Hawks is the ecology club here at MSSH. We are a group of students dedicated to making our school and community a “green” place. We have helped organize the recycling program in school and have conducted the annual River Cities Festival recycling program. Eco-Hawks members have also participated in various options of the Fairchild Challenge, as well a variety of clean-up projects in Dade County. We are proud to live our motto: “Stand up for what you stand on!”

English Honor Society
French Honor Society
A World United by Communication

The FHS is a club dedicated to making students aware of the French language and culture. We accomplish this mission through various activities, such as the homecoming decorations, where students decorate a section of the hallway using a French theme. We also participate in the Christmas door decorations, and the annual t-shirt contest. The students also have the opportunity to practice the language through local and state wide competitions.

Gay & Straight Alliance
Golden Girls

Golden Girls and Company is a dance team committed to expressing what the art of dancing embodies: beauty and grace. For the past 25 years, the team has been dedicated to bringing smiles to the faces of the needy and the less fortunate, promoting school spirit and competing at different levels to prove the skill level of our dancers in school, Miami Springs Senior High. This year they have continued the work begun last year of upholding the arts even in the possibility of eradication. WE ARE ONE TEAM, ONE FAMILY, WE ARE THE GOLDEN GIRLS.

Golden Players
Key Club

Key Club is an organization dedicated to volunteer service. In Key Club we strive to create leaders who know that the key to a good life is giving you. We are affiliated with the Kiwanis Club and are the biggest entity in the country. Our motto is “Leadership through service” and our students work tirelessly to make our communities better for everyone, Altruism and philanthropy is not only our aim, but most importantly our pride.

Marching Band
Medical Hawks
Mu Alpha Theta

The Miami Springs Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society is a respected club that avidly competes in various math and computer competitions each year. With over 70 members competing in Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Statistics, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus, Mu Alpha Theta has seen many successes over the years. Turning over its members’ brighter futures and giving them learning experiences that will last them a life time. Under the tutelage of our Sponsor, Mr. Koski, Miami Springs Mu Alpha Theta continues to be one of the best in the country.

National Honor Society

The students in Spectre are the leaders and decision makers of Miami Springs Senior High School. We have completed the tasks to create a quality yearbook that reflects the students and the campus activities for the 2012-2013. With rigorous tasks of editing, photographing, and doing surveys, we are challenged each day with finding new and enticing ways to REDEFINE the way people view this memory book. We are known to be paparazzi, hoping to get that one shot that will be worth more than a thousand words. We work as one. Together, we make this happen. It may only be 30-something of us but we create a book for over two thousand.

Student Government
Mission Statement

The student government association is an organization open to all grade level, uniting freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors for one common purpose; to make Miami Springs Senior High better and more enjoyable for all of its students. SGA creates our homecoming, leads united way, participates in District Student Government and EESAC meetings and coordinates our pep rallies. SGA encourages the development of school spirit, bringing students, faculty, and administrators together.


Here, In the Thespians Troupe 1466, we are more than just club members or press, we are family. Here in our home away from home, Room 120 A.K.A “The Little Theater”, our sponsor Marielva Sieg with help from her sister, Teressa Sieg, takes on the rols of mother and father of the gifted singers, dancers, techies, and above all actors. We receive a script and attack it head on with hard work (On and Off stage), rigorous hours of rehearsal, and commitment, to ensure the audience can experience a story and maybe even travel to another place and time. We PROUDLY represent “Troupe 1466”.

Women of Tomorrow

The women of tomorrow mentor and scholarship program inspires, motivates, and empowers young women to live up to their full potential through mentoring by highly accomplished professional women and scholarship opportunities. Women of Tomorrow members graduate from high school as close to a 90% rate compared to county wide high school graduation rates that hover around 60%.

Work Experience

The Career Education Clubs of Florida promote leadership, work proficiency, competitive spirit, and recognition of member accomplishment through the implementation of co-curricular activities. Local leadership opportunities include Networking Luncheons, Work Place Skills, Assessment Competitions, and Employee Recognition Programs. National Affiliation with business professionals of America offer students the opportunity to further develop their leadership talents, receive National Technicals Honor Society recognition and scholarships.


The Zeitgeist is the official newspaper of Miami Springs Senior High School. Throughout the years, reporters have learned the importance of freedom of speech; that there are limits to freedom of expression, and about the responsibilities of presenting accurate, fair, and unbiased account of events. Inquisitive journalists do their best to maintain a well-informed student body. The journalists study the history of journalism, editorial writing, feature writing, headline writing, and APA writing form. The students serve as writers, editors, photographers, peer-editors, and artists for the student newspaper. The newspaper is divided into five main section: News, Feature Articles, Art & Entertainment, Opinion (Editorials) and Sports. The zeitgeist is proud of its online edition, which is updated four times during the school year. Through this public forum, a bridge is formed between the community and our school.